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The ethereal form of the swan leaves its swan body and transcends into pure spirit and then to Light Form.  Thus the title 'Transcendence'. The beautiful white swans are sitting peacefully in a calm lake where there are pink lotus flowers blooming, the background is the majestic mountains that have transformed into solid crystal mountains of pink and purple against the crystal blue star-lit sky. The scene in the middle of the Chinaware original is surrounded by wispy purple, lavender and pink wisteria flowers and green leaves and tendrils. The borders have pink, and white blend of colored roses and white swans painted on them. Measures 20" diameter. The original painting is painted with Acrylic paints on canvas. This is a Mystic Visionary painting. This original painting will be used for Kuan Yin Imperial Chinaware in the future. The dinnerware and other items will be made of fine grade porcelain and fine grade ceramics.