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This painting is based on non-physical, Mystical experiences Mary Ming had in 1994.  The Limitless Vast Expanse of Universes of Light for as far as one can perceive is all within. The background is filled with blue, green, orange, yellow red, purple, green colors merging into each other and umpteen dazzling stars spread out in the vast expanse. In the foreground is a giant iridescent white sun with rays emanating from the sun. There are mini rays of light shooting out from the larger main rays of light. There are thousands of iridescent dots on the sun and its rays. There was an omnipresence of love throughout the entire expanse. Endless expanse with countless Universes upon Universes of Light is what Mary attempted to depict in this painting. The real experience was breathtaking and all paintings fall short of that real experience. Painted on watercolor board with traditional western watercolor paints. The original image is heat transferred on to a high quality ceramic tile. It lends a beautiful accent to your bathroom and kitchen walls or other places inside your home. Can be used as a coaster or hot plate, and displayed as an art piece as well.

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