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This painting is called Finer Vibrations and it depicts an image of what it might look like on finer vibration levels beyond the dense physical reality. Everything is luminescent with no shadows.  The first painting Mary painted that was similar to this was done in 1975 as a student in high school.  If one looks closely at the mountains of ethereal light, one can see a face in them to depict that there is conscious beings or conscious intelligence at all levels of creation. This is an original design acrylic painting. It is a Divine Mystic Visionary painting because a spiritual region is created within the artist after the painting has been completed. The original image is heat transferred on to a high quality ceramic tile. It lends a beautiful accent to your bathroom and kitchen walls or other places inside your home. Can be used as a coaster or hot plate, and displayed as an art piece as well. (The image would not upload, please see the original or prints to see this image.)

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