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Looking far into the future…When humans have ceased to be…The Earth has become a crystalline planet,

 With an inner sun glowing…And luminescent…The mountains of pure crystals, and gems…Rise up high, into the blue sky. Red, blue, pink, purple, yellow, green…Mountains of solid gems. And all the precious metals…Are restored within the Planet…And Earth can communicate again…To Mother Universe. From space…It looks like a floating Flower…Made of glowing crystal…And all the planets…In the physical universes…Have become flower-like crystals…Of various colors. The glowing flower crystals…Floating in the universe…Illuminates the space…And turns the Universe…To a beautiful blue Universe…Like a blue ocean…With flowers floating on it. The original painting is painted with Acrylic paints on 60x40 in. canvas. This is a Mystic Visionary painting. The rest of the above poetry can be viewed in 'The Adventures of a Chinese Korean Orphan' and 'Flying Without Wings' by Mary Ming. This image is printed on high-quality Aluminum and color matched to the original painting. Original Image Size: 40"H x 60" W x 2.25"D. Original design and painting on Acrylic on Canvas. This is a mystical painting based on the poetry above. This image is printed on premium quality, Archival, Acid-Free, and Lignin-Free card stock paper. Backed with foam core, this fine print comes in a white mat with the outer dimensions to fit a ready-made standard sized frame.

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